Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT) $220 45 minutes
For Sensitive Skin
Concern: Hypersensitivity

Does your skin turn blotchy red, itch or burn easily? If so, treating sensitive skin can
be tricky and finding the right products may take time. Why not let this treatment give
your skin the breakthrough it needs? For cell repair, vital ingredients like vitamins
and brighteners are also delivered into the skin through iontophoresis, followed by
Cryotherapy technology (CyroProbe), to instantly soothe, restore and energize.


  • Dull and sensitive skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Cellular repair  
  • Reduce redness and skin sensitivity
  • Soothe skin irritation
  • Double cleanse
  • MDX (microdermabrasion) / HydroD (water dermabrasion that includes use of multi minerals solution)
  • Serum infusions (vitamins & brighteners)
  • Sheet mask
  • CryoProbe
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
Not Suitable For:
  • Sufferers of acute diseases, diabetes, impaired liver function
  • Individuals receiving medical treatments such as radio or chemotherapy
  • Those who have undergone same-day hair removal on treatment area

Before and After

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