How to get Dewy Skin like your favourite Korean Star

Given the onslaught of the Korean-wave, it seems only natural that many girls, and an increasing number of guys, are coveting the dewy skin look that their favourite Korean star has. I mean, if you have watched Descendants of the Sun, you might have wondered, “How is it that Song Hye-Kyo has such flawless skin?????”

However, in a hot and humid climate like Singapore, achieving that look is no easy feat. Granted, there lies a fine line to tread between glowing skin and greasy skin. Nonetheless, for the diehards, I have some pointers that you may find useful!

Light Reflection: Glowing to be Dewy

For light to be reflected, the surface of the skin has to be even, with minimal textural or structural defects. Acne, pigmentation, buildup of dead cells work to reduce the proportion of light reflection. This means that the skin itself has to be healthy in order to allow the dewy effect to be visible.

Drink up for Healthy Skin

Hydration and hydration! Adequate hydration gives the plumped-up, supple look to the skin. From cleansers, to toners and even exfoliants, use products that are formulated with hydrating humectants. These are active ingredients that draw water into the dermis of the skin, increasing its water content.

In addition, load up on effective sheet masks! These are designed to lock in moisture with a hydrogel layer or microfibre cloth. It also helps traps other skin benefitting ingredients.

Skincare Matters and Aesthetics Boost

To achieve the above two factors, a good skincare regime is key. This includes daily cleansing of face, followed by application of a good toner, and moisturiser.

Other helpful skincare tips include:

  • Exfoliate your face at least once a week
    • As we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down, resulting in our skin looking dull and rough. Exfoliation of your face helps to remove the dead skin cells and uncovers new cells beneath, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Applying sunscreen daily.
    • This helps to reduce the development of pigmentation.

Beside following the skincare regime, one should also have a facial regularly such as SkinBooster Hydrating Facial to improve the skin’s radiance. It consists of double cleansing and a micro- dermabrasion to remove the dead skins. SkinBoosters are then applied to your skin, and it is a non-injectable process and painless. Ampoules such as Hyaluronic Acid and Calming are also mixed into your skin, and followed by a mask.

That’s all for now. It may seem like there are a few steps to take: skincare routine, occasional pampering facial treatments, etc. However, the dewy-skin look popularised by the Koreans is actually not impossible to achieve by you. With perseverance to achieve healthy skin, we believe that there will be more and more people walking around with the dewy, glowing faces!