Beauty Tips

How to get Dewy Skin like your favourite Korean Star Given the onslaught of the Korean-wave, it seems only natural that many girls, and an increasing number of guys, are coveting the dewy skin look that their favourite Korean star has. I mean, if you have watched Descendants of the Sun, you might have wondered, "How is it that Song... Read More
Are you annoyed by your dull skin? Having dull skin? Ever wonder what exactly do we mean when we talk about dull skin? Dull skin is when skin loses its natural glow and radiance that is usually associated with young, healthy skin. Please note that dull skin can occur at any age- even in your 20s. What... Read More
Fear of Acne Scarring? When acnes do not heal well, one of the dreadful problems is that there will be acne scarring. Why do these scars form? Acne can cause healthy tissue around it to be destroyed. In an attempt to repair the tissue, new collagen is formed. Occasionally, too much collagen is formed... Read More
Always troubled by acne? Yikes! Acne is probably the nemesis of many of us, making it to one of the top most annoying skincare issues of all time. A very common skin problem, acne affects many individuals at some points in their lives. It is an extremely complex disease, basically involving the following: Excess... Read More