Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment

A facial that is more than just your usual essential facial treatment.

IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treatment is one of the best awards-winning treatments at IDS Aesthetics , since 2015. It is specially designed to provide quick and visible results for our customers, and suitable for all skin types.
It first begins with a thorough cleansing of removing make up from the customer.

An extremely gentle dermabrasion will be conducted with the help of a powerful water jet stream of multi-minerals formulated by IDS Aesthetics (IDS Aesthetics ’s proprietary Multi Minerals Solution) and Hydrafacial equipment. This helps to remove accumulated dirt and debris off the skin after the skin has been softened and hydrated.

Next, ultrasonic technology and manual extraction are then performed to unclog pores and loosen comedones and stubborn blackheads which are deeply embedded into the skin. Vitamin C essence is applied using a process called iontophoresis (advanced ultrasound technology) for better penetration into the skin dermis for brightening, firming and increasing collagen production.

Lastly, a customized mask ranging from Whitening, Soothing or Anti-Acne is applied to help to seal all nutrients in for a better crystal clear and resplendent skin.