Advanced Acne Treatment Plus

Acne affects most teenagers and a good group of the adults too. Sometimes, some of us might experience different types of acne to appear on the face, back or chest.

Acne is a skin problem with a variety of causes. There are several factors contributing to acne: mainly due to hormonal disorders (puberty, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, etc.) that lead to an increase in the Androgen hormone that causes the body to produce more sebum (oil produced in the skin’s oil glands); stress and fatigue which can lead to overproduction of sebum and bacteria. When sebum can no longer flow normally, pores will get clogged, and form whiteheads or blackheads.

IDS Advanced Acne Treatment is a clarifying treatment which comes in a 3 steps regime for our customers. It is specifically formulated to target oily, blemish-prone skins.

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